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Mexico is an open economy with a strong industrial and vast agriculture sector, characteristics that makes it an important exporter and importer of different products.

Mexico has a privileged geographical position, on time access to world class raw materials and up to date technology.

For investors Mexico is an attractive market due to its young and qualified labor force, and extensive number of Free Trade Agreements that gives this country preferential access to North America, European Union, Japan and other Latin American markets. Also, Mexico grants security and legal protection to foreign investors based on the Reciprocal Protection and Promotion Investment Agreements signed with 20 countries.

Business Opportunities

The Arab Countries import a wide range of agricultural products, food, machinery and electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, furniture, synthetic fibers, footwear and clothes, decoration items, building materials, among others.

The main imported products to Mexico from the Arab countries include chemicals, metals, textiles and electrical appliances.


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