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Arab Countries

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most dynamic economies in the Middle East and of vital importance for world trade. The oil, gas and mineral resources have caused that a big part of the population works at the oil industry. Most of the consumer goods are imported, making Saudi Arabia a top importer in the Arab world and a potential market for many foreign companies.

Consumption of foreign products has growth thanks to the presence of mass media and a population conformed of young people eager to try new things. Characteristics such as a stable demographic growth rate, high disposable income and high oil prices have made this market one of the most attractive for investors. The market is highly receptive to new and innovative products.

Shopping is a main leisure activity, especially for decoration goods, technology appliances and high quality fashion.

Main exports: oil and its by products

Main imports: machinery, equipment, food, chemical, automobiles and clothing.

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