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Kuwait has a population of 2.595 million habitants, which grows “% each year. Most of the workforce is foreign. Kuwait’s population can be defined as a young, high educated and professional one.

Economy is highly dependent on oil and industry is oriented to the transformation of this resource. Nevertheless, the government has established certain rules in order to develop other industries and diversify the economy. The government has provided some facilities like infrastructure and extension of tariff in order to attract investment. There have also been important joint ventures with small and medium enterprises in order to produce raw material, food, beverages, paper and wood by products, along with construction, chemicals, paints, plastics, textiles and electric materials.

The government also created the Industrial Bank of Kuwaiti in order to facilitate loans for industrial projects.

Main exports: oil, processed products, fertilizers

Main imports: food, clothing, building materials, vehicles and its parts.

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